State Institute of Science Education Jabalpur is one of the prominent Institute in Madhya pradesh which is running under Rajaya Shiksha Kendra (State Council of Educational Research and Training) M.P. Bhopal. This institute is working in the field of popularization of Science and Mathematics Education since last 40 years. It was established vide the order of Ministry of Education, Govt. of India New Delhi for qualitative improvement in Science and mathematics education in the state.

It has been a marvelous experience for me since I joined this esteemed institution in 2013. We have tread the path of innovation and have galvanized all the resources at disposal to bring telling changes and improvement in various projects and programs organised by SISE. We have used digital technologies to improve information delivery, general management, administration and quality enhancement. We have made a state of the art Eductation Theatre with 3D projection and Dolby Digital Surround Sound effects.

We continue to strive to make teacher students educational experience at SISE better, more informative and transformative. 

Dr. P. D. Mishra - 01-01-2020