Rajkumar yadav
Personal Detail
Employee Id AB5753 Designation Asst. Teacher (Science)
Full Name Rajkumar yadav Full Name (In Hindi)
Date of birth 01-Jan-1967 Age 49
Gender Male Blood group B+
Religion Hindu Caste OBC
Aadhar Card No Hobbies
Relative Name Sarita yadav Relation with Relative wife
Marital Status Married
Professional Detail
Teaching Medium Teaching Subject Science
Teaching Experience 21 Appoint Date 2015-06-22
Current Appoint Location SISE Education Post Graduate
Professional Details Specific Details
Contact Detail
Local Address 1112sanjeevani nagar jabalpur Permanent Address 1112sanjeevani nagar jabalpur
Mobile No 9755711936 Alternate No / Whatsapp No 9406970864
Height Weight
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